Top 5 Airsoft Guns for Indoor CQB Airsoft

Top 5 Airsoft Guns for Indoor CQB Airsoft

Posted by Eric T on Dec 20th 2023

December 19th, 2023

Top 5 Airsoft Guns for Indoor CQB

The Amped Airsoft Arena has been open for a while now, and after observing gameplay and testing various replicas (for science), we have finally come up with a list of the best airsoft guns for indoor CQB (specifically at Amped Airsoft Arena). We are excited to dive into these airsoft guns and provide an in-depth analysis of each of them.

1. Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol

The Action Army AAP-01 is one of the most popular Airsoft guns on the market. Retailing in the low $100 range, the AAP-01 is a cost-effective gas blowback pistol powered by green gas, a cleaner and self-lubricating alternative to propane. The small reciprocating hammer on this gun makes it highly efficient, and there are plenty of replacement and upgrade parts available for it.

Check out footage of an HPA'd AAP01 build at Amped Airsoft Arena from Juictin

If you're looking to convert this gun into an HPA pistol, you might want to check out our AAP-01 HPA Starter Kit, which includes a tank, HPA line, regulator, and M4 mag HPA adapter.

2. G&G ARP 9 CQB Airsoft Rifle

The G&G ARP9 is known to be the ultimate CQB airsoft rifle, making it perfect for indoor airsoft. It is an AEG with a lightweight polymer receiver and an M-lok rail system, which allows you to attach any attachment you'd like.


Due to its compact and lightweight design, it is an excellent choice for young or new airsoft players. The ARP9 is highly upgradeable, as it takes most V2-compatible parts. Additionally, it comes with various accent color options straight out of the box.


G&G also makes a 2.0 and 3.0 version of the rifle:

G&G ARP 9mm 2.0 CQB Rifle
G&G ARP 9mm 3.0 CQB PDW

If you are not a fan of stick magazines, you can use a drum magazine or opt for the G&G 556 ARP, which takes M4-style magazines! The only downside is the lack of battery space, but Airtech Studios has a great BEU (battery extension unit). G&G also makes a 2.0 and 3.0 version of the rifle.

3. JAG Arms Scatter Guns

The Jag Arms Scattergun is perfect for CQB fields. These shotguns are powered by green gas and come with 3-round and 6-round burst modes. Additionally, they feature a fixed hop-up, making them ideal for indoor play.


The JAG shotgun collection includes various designs such as the Super CQB Shotgun, Scattergun HD Tactical Pistol Grip Shotgun, and the Sawed Off Real Wood Shotgun.

Check out footage of a Gas Shotgun build at Amped Airsoft Arena from lilpurebliss

Don't want to fully commit to a shotgun as your primary airsoft gun of choice? No worries! We have a gas-powered under barrel master key shotgun you can attach to almost any rifle with Picatinny rails! This route allows you to get the best of both worlds: a shotgun and a rifle all-in-one!

4. Wolverine MTW9

If you want an HPA-ready rifle, check out the MTW9. This airsoft gun sports all the super high-quality features that Wolverine Airsoft is known for. The MTW9 is a built-in HPA rifle ready to use straight out of the box. Its short 7" Invictus M-Lok rail makes it exceptionally maneuverable, and its lightweight construction means players of any age or size can use it.


This HPA blaster also utilizes the ASG EVO 9mm Magazines. These small submachine gun magazines help support a smaller rifle profile.

Amped Custom HPA Starter SLP Air Rig Kit
Titan Power 7.4v 350mah HPA Battery

If you want to purchase this gun and all the necessary components so that its ready to go, you'll need the MTW9, an Amped Custom HPA Starter Kit and the Titan Power 7.4 HPA battery.

5. MONK x AMPED Sweeper Build

Finally, our last pick is the MONK x AMPED Sweeper Build. This gun is the most expensive option on our list, and it's not for the faint of heart because it requires several components (all sold separately) to build. If you decide to go with the sweeper body, seeking installation support from Amped Airsoft would be your best bet.


The sweeper body is a collaborative effort between Monk, a speed build company, and Amped Airsoft. In fact, our very own tech, Terry, designed the body style (show him some love)!


Besides the body, you will need several other components to get this build up and running. You will need a Version Two Barrel Build, outer barrel, HPA engine of your choice (depending on your decision, you will need a gearbox shell), a pistol grip or a tank grip, an SLP Starter Kit (Choose the MR regulator or else it will not work with a tank grip) , an HPA Battery, and a stock.


Seems like an awful lot, but we are here to help! If you would like to put together your very own sweeper build and would like advice, please send a message.

Check out footage of a Sweeper build at Amped Airsoft Arena by The Janitor Airsoft

Our top 5 airsoft guns for indoor CQB, specifically for Amped Airsoft Arena were selected based on their performance in close-quarters combat situations and our personal preferences. We know that every player has their own unique playstyle and should use the gun that best suits them. So, whether you choose one of our top 5 picks or bring your own airsoft gun, we are excited to see you at Amped Airsoft Arena.

Written by Eric T