A Guide to Planning an Airsoft Themed Party in Pittsburgh

A Guide to Planning an Airsoft Themed Party in Pittsburgh

Posted by Jay P. on Jul 24th 2023

A Guide to Planning an Airsoft Themed Birthday Party in Pittsburgh


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Looking to plan an epic birthday party for your child? Don't settle for another party playing video games or bowling. Instead, consider a birthday party at an airsoft arena! In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you'll need to plan a birthday or even a private party that experience that is exciting and affordable.

1. Find An Airsoft Field That Has Party Options

Look for airsoft fields near you that offer party planning options. Amped Airsoft Arena is located in the heart of Pittsburgh and offers party packages that make planning the perfect airsoft birthday party easy and affordable. These packages include access to the arena, rental airsoft equipment, and a dedicated party room.
In addition to the arena, Amped Airsoft's staff is committed to ensuring a great experience for players of all ages and experience levels, offering training and guidance for new players, and ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment. Parents are encouraged to play but are able to watch the gameplay from the viewing area as well!
Parties at Amped Airsoft Arena in Pittsburgh

2. Choose the Right Invitations and Decorations

Since we're planning an airsoft-themed birthday party, it's important to choose a theme that reflects the airsoft "vibe". Create invitations or e-vites that match. You can use military style fonts and colors and even include a "mission" for the party attendees. Make sure to include the details including the date, location, and inform parents that rentals are included.

As far as decorations - you can continue with the military or tactical theme, complete with camouflage decorations - or even base the decorations off of their favorite video games, like Fortnite or Call of Duty.

But if you're keeping it simple - balloons and banners work too. (You can always bug your friend with a Cricut to help you get creative and personalize decorations with the birthday person's name and the theme for an extra touch.)

3. Set Up Other Activities For Those Who Arent Playing

Airsoft is a physically engaging activity that stimulates teamwork, individuality, and friendly competition - so its normal for some people to want to take breaks or even sit out some rounds (that's okay - everyone needs a round to gain back some energy). At Amped Airsoft, there is a viewing area to watch those who are out there playing but you can also set up games in the party room for those who aren't participating.

Some ideas for games can include board games like battle field, Pin the Mask on the Airsofter (you can print out a large photo of the birthday boy or girl and have each person take turns trying to pin a mask) or just bring along some other board games. Dont go overboard though - most kids will be out on the field.

Gameplay at Amped Airsoft Arena in Pittsburgh

4. Cater Food from Local Restaurants & Bakeries

Cater Food from Local Restaurants & Bakeries Feeding a group of hungry airsoft players is essential, and Pittsburgh has no shortage of great options for catering. Whether you opt for classic pizza, sandwiches, or BBQ, choose a local restaurant that offers customizable catering options and can work within your budget. Don't forget the celebratory cake or cupcakes - have them decorated to match your theme!

Additionally - make sure to have plenty of water and drinks. Its extremely important to stay hydrated when playing airsoft.

Here are a few great picks located nearby ->

Sammy's Pizza in Pittsburgh PA

Sammy's Pizzeria

2145 Noblestown Rd

Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: (412) 928-3020

Wiggy's in Pittsburgh PA


2350 Noblestown Rd

Pittsburgh, PA 15205 

Phone: (412) 919-0361

Sugar Butter Bakery in Pittsburgh PA

Sugar Butter Bakery

331 E Main St

Carnegie, PA 15106 

(412) 595-9192

Book Your Party at Amped Airsoft Arena

By hosting your airsoft birthday party at Amped Airsoft Arena, you'll provide an extraordinarily epic experience that the attendees will never forget. With its multi-level facility, skilled staff, and customizable party packages, Amped Airsoft Arena is the perfect venue for a birthday celebration and other events.

Ready to plan the ultimate airsoft birthday party in Pittsburgh? Head over to the party planning page for more information!